Family Reconnection Success Story

Passages Family Reconnection Center, which facilitates supervised visits between children in foster care and their biological families, has served thousands of families over the years. After returning home for a short period of time, children often return to the foster care system. However, we are pleased to highlight one of the many successful accomplishments of this program.

For confidentially purposes, this family will be identified as the “Win Family.” Nine years ago, children from this family were taken into protective custody by the Department of Children and Family Services. At that time, there were three children, and the court ordered one hour weekly visits. Over time, two more children were born into the family, and were taken into protective custody. Visitation then progressed to weekly two hour visits, then four hour visits, unsupervised visits and overnight visits resulting in the return of two of the children to the male, biological parent.

Through the faith, perseverance, endurance and patience of this male parent, he was finally able to gain custody of all five of his children after nine years in the foster care system. This is a wonderful outcome for the “Win Family.”

Passages Alternative Living Programs Inc