Success Stories

Marissa Redmond has been a participant in Passages Girls Mentoring Program since 2011. She was a student at Bronzeville Military Academy when she joined. She would often admit that her grades weren’t the best and people didn’t take her seriously while in high school, but after serious consideration, she realized that she needed a change of scenery. Marissa moved with family to Danville, Illinois. I stayed in contact with Marissa. She would come to visit us when she came home to be with family and friends.

Marissa attended prom and graduated from Danville High School and made her way back to Chicago to live. Marissa came back to the Girls
Mentoring Program in 2014. No later than a couple months she started working at McDonald’s and enrolled in college at Harold Washington.

After working at McDonald’s for seven months, she was hired at O’Hare Airport at Hudson’s Gift Shop. Marissa expressed that she had a change of career goals and notified me that she was interested in designing clothing and applied for The Art Institute. She will be a student at the Art Institute Spring 2015. Marissa is very motivated and determined and has been a joy to have in the Girls Mentoring Program. She would often express her experiences while in the program as well as her wisdom on different situations with the younger girls.



About Us

Passages Alternative Living Programs, Inc.

Passages Alternative Living Programs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) social service agency dedicated to family advocacy located on the near south side of Chicago at 10 West 35th Street, 3rd Floor. Passages is currently the largest Family Reconnection Center (FRC) in Chicago, providing supervised visitation services between children in the foster care system and their biological parents. Additionally, Passages offers an array of programs and services providing positive, corrective and supportive programs for disadvantaged and dysfunctional families.

Organization History


Passages Alternative Living Programs, Inc. received its initial funding in June 1992 to operate a Family Reconnection Center (FRC) on Chicago’s south side providing visitation services expanding its client base from 27 to over 400 families per year. In 1995 Passages launched a parent education component offering preventive programs for families at-risk for child abuse or neglect which has demonstrated the effectiveness of a comprehensive coordinated, family focused approach to preventing problems that may lead to abuse, neglect and the ultimate removal of minor children from the home


Passages also offers legal advocacy for youth with minor criminal infractions; career development, drop-out prevention, tutorial, mentoring and educational services targeted specifically to high risk youth.


A Board of Directors comprised of community, business and religious leaders provides capable advisement and governance for the organization.


Passages envision families within our service area having healthy and self-sufficient lifestyles and living in a safe environment with quality housing, employment and educational opportunities.


Passages mission is to provide programs and intervention services that effect positive change in the lives of at-risk children and families, empowering them to make appropriate lifestyle choices and to become contributing members of the community. Through partnerships and collaboration, we advocate for the availability of an array of educational, employment, housing and entrepreneurial choices that will further enhance and enrich the lives of our participants and the community as a whole.

Passages Alternative Living Programs Inc